Co-production of sustainable MFP management solutions: A study in Sehore Forest Division of Madhya Pradesh

Research Questions

  1. What is the spatial distribution of key MFP species, to prepare a MFP atlas with range level granularity?
  2. What is the present quantum of resource extraction of key MFP species?
  3. What is the indicative trend of key MFP species availability?
  4. What are the institutional mechanism for MFP resource management including Government, community and private stakeholders?
  5. What is the contribution of key MFPs in the livelihood of local community?
  6. To ascertain the sustainability of the present resource extraction of key MFP species, and recommend measures for sustainable management?

Field Visits Undertaken

A primary visit to all the ranges of Sehore division was done during the month of June-July, 2019 to have an overall overview of the project landscape. The objective of these field visits was to collect secondary information from all seven range offices and getting an overview of Sehore forest division in terms of MFP production and trade. 

  • Two visits to Veerpura range was done-
    1. On 6.06.2019- FGD with the Range officer and Beat guards about availability of MFP species beats of Veerpura range. A visit to village Lohapathar was also one on the same day having FGD with the MFP primary collectors.
    2. On 8.06.2019- Veerpura Marjet to overview MFP trade and meeting the MFP traders.
  • One visit to Bhudni range office on 12.06.2019 and village Khatpura to have discussion with the MFP primary collectors.
  • One visit to Rehati range office, FGD with Ranger, Dy Rangers, Beat Guard on 13.06.2019 and visited village Khanpura, FGD with MFP primary colleators.
  • Two visits to Ichhawar Range-
    1. 19.06.2019- FDG forest department field staff, visiting circle Brijisganj meeting with MFP traders.
    2. 8.07.2019- Pilot Testing-Primary data collection schedules-MFP collectors, MFP traders-Balondiya beat- Lotiya and Jhamanjhapri villages.
  • Three visits to Ladkui Range-
    1. 14.06.2019- Meeting with FD range staff, collecting secondary data. Visiting one of the beat Sankota.
    2. 9.07.2019- Meeting MFP traders at Ladkui and Piplani market, Pilot testing of Primary data collection schedule.
    3. 29.07.2019 – 30.07.2019-Primary data collection using predesigned schedules- MFP primary collectors, Traders from Sankota Seradi, Ladkui and Pipani.
  • One visit on 25.06.2019- collected secondary information from Ashta range office. Visited Siddhikganj circle and Pithapur village-FGD with MFP primary collectors, Interview- MFP traders.
  • One visit to Sehore range office on 26.06.2019- Secondary information collection, visited Semalghat, Bilkisganj jhagaria for primary data collection- MFP primary collectors and MFP traders.  

Project Team

  • Prof. Pradeep Chaudhry, Faculty of Technical Forestry
  • Prof. Sandeep Tambe, Faculty of Technical Forestry
  • Dr. Manmohan Yadav, Faculty of Marketing and Strategic Management
  • Dr. C P Kala, Faculty of Ecosystem and Environment Management
  • Dr. Ashish David, Faculty of Sociology and Community Development
  • Dr. Dharmendra Dugaya, Centre for SFM & Forest Certification
  • Dr. Swati Moghe, Special Project Associate, MFP Co-Production project