Capacity building of the WPO and C&I Assessment at FMU Level

  • Community involvement

The project on “Capacity Building of the Working Plan Officers and Criteria and Indicator Assessment at Forest Management Unit Level” began in April 2019 to revisit the previous ITTO and MoEFCC sites to assess the direction of change towards SFM and refinement of the C&I at the FMU level. 


  • To adapt the national set of C&I (NWPC 2014) at FMU level
  • To develop reporting/ information system to assess responsible forest management at FMU level (for identified indicators)

The current website has been developed as part of the project activity to increase the accessibility of all the resource materials to build a Sustainable Forest Management Toolbox for Indian context while developing awareness about the SFM at all levels of forest departments.

Currently, two sites are planned to revisit, one each from the previous ITTO and MoEFCC funded projects and both the Working Plans are under revision.

  • East Mandla Forest Division, Madhya Pradesh – ITTO funded project
  • Suket Forest Division, Himachal Pradesh – MoEFCC funded project

Field visits conducted so far are:

  • East Mandla Forest Division: from 20th to 23th May 2019 was carried on to identify potential forest plots and villages for C&I Assessment at the FMU level
  • Suket Forest Division: form 27th June – 6th July 2019 to Enumeration of Acacia catechu (Khair) and Pinus roxburghii (Chir pine); data collection from the forest division office for the project
  • East Mandla Forest Division, Working Plan Office: from 18-24th May 2019 to compile the information on status of the working plan and information to develop a species specific set of C&I for Sal (Shorea robusta) forests

Capacity-building Training Workshop

Three capacity building workshops in North-East, Central, and South India are proposed to take place in September 2019, February 2010 and December 2019, respectively for the Working Plan Officers.


  • To enable participants to appreciate the concept of SFM
  • To provide understanding of processes for incorporation of C&I and its periodic assessment at the state and FMU level
  • To provide an understanding of the preparation of working plans in conformity with the new National Working Plan Code, 2014

Expected Outcome

The participants are expected to gain an understanding of aspects to be addressed in the preparation of working plans in accordance with the New National Working Plan Code 2014 in general and the sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation in particular.

Team Members

  • Dr. Advait Edgaonkar, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Ashish David, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Jigyasa Bisaria, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Manmohan Yadav, Associate Professor and Team Leader
  • Dr. Omprakash D Madguni, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Sandeep Tambe, Professor
  • Dr. Dharmendra Dugaya, Research Assistant ‘SG’