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  • Community involvement

Capacity building of the Working Plan Officers and Criteria and Indicator Assessment at Forest Management Unit Level

Co-production of Sustainable MFP Management Solutions: A Study in Sehore Forest Division of Madhya Pradesh

Progress Report May 2019

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The concept of sustainable forest management and forest certification are gaining importance in the forestry sector in the country. The forests are managed on the prescriptions of the working plan formulated as per national working plan code (WPC) 2014 and duly approved by the state and national competent authority. The WPC 2014 has incorporated all 8 criteria and 37 Indicators of Bhopal-India process and thus the country has mandated itself to achieve its commitments under various international agreements including ITTO objective 2000 and UNFF Non-legally-binding goals as well as facilitation to the Industry sourcing raw material from the forestry sector to meet international trade regulations.