Bhopal-India (B-I) Process

The Bhopal-India Process is one of the nine global initiatives on Criteria and Indicator approach for Sustainable Forest Management.

Its genesis is the “Regional Initiative for the Development and Implementation of National Level Criteria and Indicators for the Sustainable Management of Dry Forests in Asia” where nine countries of the Dry Zone Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand) participated held at IIFM Bhopal, India in November 1999.

Working on the Bhopal-India Process of 8 Criteria and 49 Indicators, India developed its National set of 8 Criteria and 37 Indicators for the Sustainable Development of its Natural Forests

These 8 Criteria and 37 Indicators have been adopted in the National Working Plan Code 2014, which is a guiding document for the preparation of Working/ Management Plans in the country at Forest Management Unit level.

SFM Toolbox

Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) has been recognised as an integral part of sustainable development at the UN Earth Summit in Rio (1992). SFM contributes towards all the three pillars of sustainable development viz. environmental, economic and socio-cultural.

In India, it is of critical importance due to the heavy dependence of people living in and around forests. The Criteria and Indicators (C&I) provide a robust approach for monitoring and evaluation of forests over a time-period to work out its sustainability.

The Bhopal-India Process SFM Toolbox collates a large number of training material and resources that are easily accessible to the forest manager.

Center for Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification

Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) has, at present, Ten centers dedicated to special focus areas for research. These centers pursue specific activities within the broad mandate of the Institute and provide research thrust in special areas of interest. One of these ten centers is the Center for Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification (CSFMFC).

Current Activities

Ongoing Projects

Capacity building of the Working Plan Officers and Criteria and Indicator Assessment at Forest Management Unit Level

Capacity Building of WPO and C&I assessment at FMU level

Co-production of Sustainable MFP Management Solutions: A Study in Sehore Forest Division of Madhya Pradesh

Progress Report May 2019


Advisory Committee Meeting

The advisory committee of the Center for Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification met on the 27th March 2019 at the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal. The members form IIFM and Other organizations attended the meeting to discuss on the future activities of the center. The minutes of the meeting are attached below.

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